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According to statistics from the Insurance Research Council, Oklahoma has one of the highest rates of uninsured motorists in the United States, with 24%. The Oklahoma Uninsured Vehicle Enforcement Diversion Program (UVED) was launched in 2018 to reduce the number of uninsured vehicles on the roadways.

What is the UVED Program?

The Oklahoma UVED is a statewide initiative created to provide easy access to Oklahoma auto insurance solutions for all vehicle owners in the state and help reduce the number of uninsured drivers.

Through the UVED program, non-compliant vehicles and drivers can be captured or registered to the Oklahoma Compulsory Insurance Law. As a result, uninsured vehicle owners can be allowed to get uninsured insurance in Oklahoma and become compliant without receiving a moving infraction on their permanent driving record.

How Does the UVED Program Work?

One of the crucial elements of the UVED Program is the Oklahoma Insurance Verification System (OKIVS), which works with a statewide camera network. This electronic insurance verification tool provides law enforcement personnel and the general public with online access to insurance coverage. Through the database, law enforcement officers can identify driver or vehicle owners who are uninsured.

If a car without insurance is identified, the registered vehicle owner will receive a letter or “Notice to Respond.” The driver will then have the chance to enroll in the diversion program while staying out of the court system.

A citation for driving in Oklahoma without insurance can cost a fine of $250 plus other court costs and penalties. Whereas, for as low as $174, the vehicle owner can enroll for the Oklahoma UVED program and defer any legal action for two years.

What to Do When You Receive a “Notice to Respond”

Upon receiving a notice as an uninsured driver, you will be allowed to enroll in the diversion program. Registering under the UVED Program will help keep you out of the court system.

In rare cases, vehicle owners who have insurance may also receive a notice. You can rectify this by contacting your provider with your policy and your Notice to Respond reference numbers. The insurance company will make the necessary adjustments.

What Are The Benefits Of The UVED Program?

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of the Oklahoma Uninsured Vehicle Enforcement Diversion Program is to help drivers and vehicle owners throughout the state become UVED compliant. Some of the benefits include:

  • Provide Oklahoma auto insurance solutions for all vehicle owners and drivers statewide
  • Help source competitive insurance premiums from top auto insurance companies
  • Provide a simple and easy-to-use online application wizard for users
  • Enroll in an insurance policy while staying out of court
  • Get insurance quotes for drivers and vehicle owners in minutes.

Plans are in place to deploy automated license plate readers throughout the state in a continued effort to clamp down on uninsured vehicle owners and drivers.

What Are the Penalties for Driving without Insurance?

In Oklahoma, auto insurance is required by law. The penalties for driving without insurance in the state include:

  • A fine of $250 and other court fees
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • 30 days in jail
  • Moving violation on your permanent driving record

Thankfully, you can avoid all these fines and penalties by enrolling in the Oklahoma Uninsured Vehicle Enforcement Diversion Program after receiving a notice if you’re an uninsured driver.

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